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At Sundance Implant & Periodontal Center, we are committed to delivering exceptional oral healthcare tailored to your individual needs. Dr. Jason Nicholson specializes in orthodontic treatments that go beyond just straightening teeth. Surgical orthodontics is a cutting-edge solution for individuals who require complex orthodontic treatment due to misaligned jaws or other skeletal abnormalities. From correcting bite misalignments to relieving jaw pain and discomfort, we provide personalized solutions for crooked, gapped, and crowded teeth and jaw surgery to align the teeth and jaws properly, resulting in a more balanced facial profile and improved oral health.

With Dr. Nicholson’s expertise and advanced orthodontic surgery techniques, a beautiful and healthy smile is possible. Whether it’s a customized treatment for braces or a full jaw realignment, we’re dedicated to giving you the best possible dental experience!

With Dr. Nicholson’s expertise and advanced orthodontic surgery techniques, a beautiful and healthy smile is possible.

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What is Surgical Orthodontics?

A misaligned jaw can cause far more problems than visually crooked teeth. Patients that suffer from an uneven jaw (when the upper and lower teeth do not line up correctly) often have bite impressions that exert uneven force and pressure on the jaw joints. In many instances, this can cause severe pain, difficulty eating, trouble sleeping, and even conditions like chronic migraines. Orthodontic surgery is a form of corrective jaw surgery that helps straighten the jaw and restore a natural, functional bite back to the dentition. Combined with traditional orthodontics, orthodontic jaw surgery at Sundance Implant and Periodontal Center in Provo, UT, can provide life-changing results and can help you enjoy restored smile aesthetics and beautiful, perfectly functioning teeth.

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Are You a Candidate for Surgical Orthodontics?

Like any bone, the bone mass in the jaw is a living and growing maxillofacial feature. In most individuals, however, growth of the maxilla (jawbone) is completed by the late teenage years. For younger patients, orthodontics (i.e. traditional braces) can often correct mild instances of jaw misalignment. In adults, however, once the jaw stops growing orthodontic jaw surgery is often required in order to align the jaw joints and restore proper health and functionality back to the dentition. If you suffer from crooked teeth, a misaligned bite, and/or difficulty biting, eating, or chewing, you may be a candidate for surgical orthodontics with Dr. Nicholson at Sundance Implant and Periodontal Center in Provo, UT.

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What Causes a Misaligned Jaw?

In most instances, misalignment of the upper and lower jaw is simply genetic; as the oral and facial bone structures grow and move into place, the jaw joints simply settle out of alignment and produce malocclusion (uneven positioning of the dentition), crooked teeth, and difficulty biting and chewing. In other instances, severe impact or traumatic injury can cause the jaw to come out of alignment, in which case surgical orthodontics is often required to reposition the jaw and realign the teeth.

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Will I Require Surgery and Orthodontic Treatment?

In nearly all adult cases, a combination of orthodontic jaw surgery and traditional orthodontics (usually braces) is required to restore alignment and functionality back to the jaw. While the timeframe will vary with each unique patient, healing time for orthodontic surgery typically takes several months, not including long-term post-surgery orthodontic treatment.

Why Choose Us?

At Sundance Implant and Periodontal Center in Provo, UT maxillofacial specialist, Dr. Nicholson is one of Utah’s only board-certified periodontists. Dr. Nicholson is renowned nationwide for his world-class smile restoration results, as well as his elite surgical skills and prestigious periodontal, implant, and maxillofacial training. For patients with severe jaw misalignment, missing or crooked teeth, or other severe oral health problems, Sundance Implant and Periodontal Center is the best option for obtaining stunning, beautiful new teeth and a healthy smile for decades to come.

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The simple, straight solution to a misaligned bite.

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