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From Weak Bones to Strong Teeth

Your jawbone is a vital component of your dental health, providing the essential foundation for your teeth and maintaining your facial structure. It requires constant stimulation to remain healthy and strong, just like tooth roots. However, tooth loss or extraction can cause a lack of stimulation, leading to bone loss and shrinkage. This can have several negative effects on your oral health, including tooth shifting and loss, jaw joint problems, and decreased lip and cheek support.

Fortunately, Dr. Jason Nicholson offers bone grafting, a surgical procedure that involves transplanting dental bone graft material to areas where the bone has resorbed or after tooth extraction. With bone grafting, you can maintain your jawbone health and provide the support necessary for dental implants in Provo, UT.

bone graft on jaw

Why See a Periodontist for a Bone Grafting Treatment?

As an advanced dental specialist, a periodontist undergoes years of extensive training in corrective procedures for the gums and oral bone tissue. With years of experience in bone grafting and sinus lift procedures and advanced skills in soft tissue aesthetics, Dr. Nicholson stands out as one of Utah’s only board-certified periodontists and acclaimed oral plastic surgeons. When you undergo a dental bone graft procedure with Dr. Nicholson, not only will you revitalize the foundation of your smile, but you will also experience astounding benefits for your overall oral health, smile aesthetics, and day-to-day functionality. In fact, bone grafting is often necessary before the placement of full-arch dental implants, as sufficient bone mass is required for the implants to securely anchor in place below the gums.

How We Restore and Regenerate Depleted Bone Mass

The actual procedure of a dental bone graft involves removing bone from a healthy area of the jaw and placing it in areas where bone loss has occurred (oftentimes where a tooth has been lost or extracted). A bone grafting treatment in Provo, UT, helps to restore adequate bone density, as well as the height and width of the jawbone. Dental bone graft procedures are often performed in preparation for implant surgery, as well as aesthetic smile restorations. A bone grafting procedure may involve the following treatments:

socket preservation graphic

Socket Preservation

  • This is a type of dental bone graft procedure that is most often performed after tooth extractions. It involves ‘packing’ bone tissue into an empty tooth socket, which slows the resorption process in the gap where the tooth has been removed. Socket preservation procedures also help preserve the structural integrity of the bone mass leading up to dental implant surgery.
ridge augmentation graphic

Ridge Augmentation

  • A ridge augmentation procedure is a type of bone graft that restores the natural form and contour (including the height, width, and density) of the ridge line of the jaw. There are numerous reasons why a ridge augmentation procedure may be performed, including to replenish healthy bone tissue, redefine the contours of a patient’s jawline, and provide more room for implant-supported dentures.
sinus lift graphic

Sinus Lift Surgery

  • A sinus lift is essentially a bone graft procedure in molar or premolar areas of the maxilla (jawbone). Patients can benefit from a sinus lift operation in Provo, UT, as Sundance Implant and Periodontal Center is the proud home of one of the state’s only board-certified periodontists, Nicholson.
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Our expert team at Sundance Implant and Periodontal Center is here to help you take the first steps toward restoring oral function and a healthy smile.

Risks of Failing Bone Health

For many dental procedures, a bone grafting treatment is often the first step in helping re-establish a strong foundation for oral health. Tooth loss almost always leads to serious complications with the jawbone, which can affect a patient’s ability to bite, chew, and even speak and smile. If you’re suffering from missing or decaying teeth, a bone grafting procedure may be the treatment you need in order to eliminate deeply rooted infection and disease in the jaw and replenish lost bone mass with strong, healthy new tissue. A strong jaw and healthy bones are the foundation for any beautiful smile, and our expert team at Sundance Implant and Periodontal Center is here to help you take the first steps toward restoring oral function and a healthy smile.

Benefits Beyond Jawbone Restoration

Bone grafting may seem like a functional oral health treatment, but its benefits go beyond that. It not only helps restore self-confidence but also repairs and maintains the bone structure in the jaw after teeth extraction. Loss of teeth and bone due to decay, disease, trauma, or genetics can lead to various problems that can affect your ability to eat, your facial appearance, and your overall physical and oral health. By restoring the bone levels in your jaw, bone grafting can effectively treat infections and diseases and facilitate the replacement of missing teeth with dental implants. This, in turn, can help support the muscles in your skin, which contribute to your facial shape and appearance. Restoring your smile to its optimal function and appearance can have a significant positive impact on your confidence, health, and overall quality of life.

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